Tuesday, September 06, 2005

That sound you're hearing? It's several thousand people scratching their heads

Am I the only one still trying to figure out the cartoon on the editorial page of today's Cape Cod Times? If the cartoonist's idea was to leave the cartoon wide open to interpretation, he or she succeeded. If it was to make a compelling point in a humorous way, he or she utterly failed.
The cartoon shows a man reading the Times and saying, "I like the alternative to fossil fuel ... and I like cheap energy prices ... but I don't like wind turbines!"
To which a woman next to him responds - "That's like saying, you like Indians ... and you like pudding ... but you don't like Indian pudding!"
Add my voice to the chorus - no, it's not like that at all!
First of all, "I like the alternative to fossil fuel ..." as though there's only one, and in the context of the cartoon, this would be wind.
Second, I've yet to hear any opponent of the Cape Wind project, even the most vitriolic - and that would be you, Cliff Carroll - say they are against wind power. They are opposed to this particular project in Nantucket Sound.
I can't say for certain, but I suspect the reason this cartoon ran in the Times was because it is so muddled as to be nearly impossible to decipher for any underlying meaning. Hence, it might appeal to people on both sides of the issue.
Then again, they just might conclude it's a pretty lame cartoon.