Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Looking forward to the Voice's coverage of Cape Wind supporters

Interesting reading in the most recent issue of The Cape Cod Voice, with nearly the entire issue - at least as it appears online - devoted to profiles of opponents of the Cape Wind project such as Hyannis Marina owner Wayne Kurker, Alliance exec Susan Nickerson and new CEO Charles Vinick, Barnstable community activist Jaci Barton, fisherman Ron Borjeson and others.
Seeing how this is The Voice, safe to assume that we can expect similar coverage of those on the other side of the issue. They are about equal in number to opponents, according to a most helpful recent poll in the Cape Cod Times.


At 8:38 AM, Blogger len stewart said...

Well, I agree. My first reaction was to complain about the single focus. Then, I remembered how smart and even handed Seth Rolbein is, and figured the other piece -- from the perspective of the proponents or supporters of the Cape Wind project -- must be in the works.

At 8:23 AM, Anonymous H.L.M. said...

At the bottom of "Windsock" in this week's Patriot:
...In the current issue of the biweekly Cape Cod Voice, a series of articles on foes of the project was packaged with the front-page
headline “Those who oppose.” The final story in the series was an
interview with one of the paper’s associate publishers, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce President Dan Wolf, who has moved from opposition to “intense ambivalence.”

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At 1:36 AM, Blogger Ron said...

As a colonial-rooted Cape Cod native who firmly believes in the sanctity of our maritime heritage, I am writing to ardently express my steadfast support for the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound. Based upon sensible logic, data and reasoning, I am also conversely opposed to the controversial Cape Wind Project which seeks to despoil and rob us of the pristine nautical legacy bestowed by our forefathers. As a result of the likely profound damaging regional financial, ecological and public safety consequences Cape Wind would wrought upon us all, it should not be allowed to proceed forward to fruition.

The project poses a cogent danger to essential air and sea navigation. Siting the project in Nantucket Sound is a breach of the public trust. Contrary to their sham claims, the cost of the electricity which the project will produce would not be cheap or competitive. It would be an unbearable fiscal burden hoisted upon us without our sanction or consent. Furthermore, it will represent a deleterious local economic blow by it's absconding of undeserved taxpayer-funded subsidies, forced real estate devaluations, and lost revenues from commercial and tourism activities. The proposed one hundred thirty wind turbines will perpetually cause unsightly visual contamination and distressing noise pollution. Finally, Cape Wind will unnecessarily endanger a critical marine and wildlife habitat.

With the aforesaid thoughtful rationales in mind, along with the inherently unfair and inequitable nature of the proposed Cape Wind Project itself, it must not become a reality which will forever doom our children and grandchildren to a ghastly socially inhumane legacy.

Ron Beaty

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