Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tomfoolery at the Voice

Speaking of the recent issue of the The Voice, the editors of that publication unleashed a scathing editorial about the "other issue that immediately raises passions on Cape Cod" ... The Cape Cod Commission. In defending the Commission, they attacked the Speaker of the Assembly of Delegates, Tom Bernardo.

In the recent budget debate, Bernardo led the effort to roll back the increases in the authority's subsidy from the County. Subsidy, because the Commission has its own revenue stream, just check your real estate tax bills.

For his efforts to bring some accountability to the bloated agency's budget, the Voice uncorked a personal attack on Bernardo. After the fact of course. No sense taking any chances before the vote.

For a publication that is dedicated to profiling "courageous" personalities on the Cape (those opposing the wind farm in this issue), they took the cowards way out. They failed to disclose to their readers that the Senior Editor has a personal relationship with the Executive Director of the Cape Cod Commission. Seems that HE is married to HER.

Editor defends his wife's agency with ink, saves his marriage, again, for now. Sounds about right for a publication that has innumerable incestuous relationships with many Cape Cod institutions. Sounds more like a conflict of interest.

Looking forward to the Voice's coverage of Cape Wind supporters

Interesting reading in the most recent issue of The Cape Cod Voice, with nearly the entire issue - at least as it appears online - devoted to profiles of opponents of the Cape Wind project such as Hyannis Marina owner Wayne Kurker, Alliance exec Susan Nickerson and new CEO Charles Vinick, Barnstable community activist Jaci Barton, fisherman Ron Borjeson and others.
Seeing how this is The Voice, safe to assume that we can expect similar coverage of those on the other side of the issue. They are about equal in number to opponents, according to a most helpful recent poll in the Cape Cod Times.