Tuesday, June 07, 2005

You are about to enter a dimension of sight, a dimension of sound ...

Maybe if Walter had called it "Bernardo's Blog" ...

An item in the Political Notes column of yesterday's Cape Cod Times described Assembly of Delegates' Speaker Tom Bernardo's unease with a blog created for him by capecodtoday.com publisher Walter Brooks, one of my blogmates here.

Bernardo asked Brooks to post a letter at his online news site explaining his position in a dispute over the county budget. "Brooks did one better - he thought - by creating 'Tom Talks,' a full-service Web log complete with Bernardo headshot," wrote Notes columnist Kevin Dennehy. "Bernardo didn't have a clue about his flagship entry, when asked about it" (hmm, so they are reading capecodtoday.com's blogs over at the Times ...)

"Walter's Walter," Bernardo told the Times. "It's like winning a raffle prize you didn't enter."

But the real money quote came when Bernardo described blogs as "twilight zones of reality."

Now when it comes to the county budget, I'm pretty confident that Tom Bernardo knows what he's talking about.

But when it comes to blogs, Tom hasn't got a clue.

The word "blog," as most readers here are already aware, is shorthand for "web log." Those two words pretty much describe what a blog is. After that, it's open to interpretation. All blogs are found online and most are updated on a regular basis. After that, blogs are as individual as the people who create them.

To say that blogs are "twilight zones of reality" is like saying that all public officials are hacks. Plenty of people will agree with both observations, except those who know much about either subject.

Funny thing is, the next item in the column described how Bernardo sent a message to the county administrator via this new-fangled invention called e-mail.


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Peter Porcupine said...

JC - how harsh!

What if the poor man never had another original thought? There he would be, pining away as the spiders spun webs over his eyes...

At 10:58 PM, Blogger Jack said...

I'm not sure I'd describe what our esteemed Speaker said as original ...

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