Friday, June 17, 2005

Glasnost at Pravda?

Following up on the last posting, a second reason to sense a change in direction at the Times - Karen Jeffrey's story on Wednesday about the Christa Worthington case.
I was not surprised to see Jeffrey clarify the issue of a second possible suspect at the scene of Worthington's death, seeing how she's the best reporter at the paper.
Her story focused on the indictment of Christopher McCowen, the garbage hauler charged in the case, and stated that "sources close to the investigation say the man McCowen identified has an alibi for the time surrounding Worthington's death."
As for the alleged DNA evidence of a second man, as cited in a Cape Codder story last month - "according to a police affidavit filed when police sought an arrest warrant for McCowen, a chemist from the state laboratory has identified the male DNA found in and on Worthington as coming from the same source - McCowen," Jeffrey wrote.
Most likely scenario - McCowen, confronted with DNA evidence putting him in Worthington's house that day, admits he was there but blames her death on a phantom. Shades of the Stuart case back in '89 ...