Saturday, May 14, 2005

Or how about this ...

District attorney to seek DNA samples from all nine-fingered residents
Jake, again


At 5:35 PM, Blogger Cape Media Watch said...

DA's silence on DNA sweep upsets Truro officials
By Steve Desroches/
Friday, May 13, 2005

TRURO - The Truro Board of Selectmen was outraged with the response from the Barnstable County District Attorney's office regarding DNA samples taken during the controversial sweep earlier this year. Basically, there is no response nor are there plans for one.
Town Administrator Pam Nolan reported to the board that according to a conversation between Truro Police Chief John Thomas and District Attorney Michael O'Keefe, there are no plans to inform townspeople about the status of DNA samples taken.
"I am very disappointed," said board of selectmen chairman Fred Gaechter, who gave a DNA sample during the sweep. "It's pretty unconscionable. It was made explicit that the DNA would not be used in any other investigation and would probably be destroyed. Why can't the DA put that in a letter."
Selectman Chris Lucy raised the issue after several townspeople approached him asking the status of their own DNA samples. Lucy said the selectmen must take a role in finding out what will happen with these samples. The rest of the board agreed.
"We owe it to the people who feel uncomfortable about it," said Lucy. "The town was targeted and a shadow was cast over the town. If there is no longer a need for the DNA, then why are they holding on to it?"
At the meeting, selectmen passed around a variety of articles, some from national newspapers, that quoted O'Keefe saying the samples would be destroyed once the investigation was done. The board said it understood there has only been an arrest, not a conviction, but that should not prevent the district attorney from drafting a letter confirming that the samples will eventually be destroyed. There is worry that those samples taken would end up in a state or national DNA database.
Selectmen recounted how the samples were taken, noting that local police aided the state police in pointing out Truro residents. They believe some people found that intimidating and unnecessary as the accused ended up not being from the town.
The board of selectmen is drafting a letter to send to O'Keefe demanding to know where the DNA samples are and what will happen to them.
The district attorney's office did not return calls before The Cape Codder's deadline.

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