Thursday, May 05, 2005

Jornal em Português

Obrigado Cape Cod Times

I was scanning the Cape Cod Times classifieds this morning, and noticed they are reaching the 10,000-plus Portuguese speaking Brazilians who live and work here with want ads in the native tongue;

DISHWASHER: Cozinha professional. Precisa-se de pessoas para trabalhar interessados deven vir pessoalmente Siena Restaurant en Mashpee Commons 508-477-5929. wb


At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Graham Silliman said...

I'm the owner of the restaurant that5 ran that ad -- unfortunately, the circumstances that led me to run the ad may confirm that the local media actually aren't doing much to reach the portuguese -speaking population:

1. I ran the ad in portuguese because I knew most candidates would be Brazilians, but no one was running ads that targeted them. FYI did pull in more applications than our english ads.

2. Getting the ad right (no typos) required more proofreading and correction than English ads -- No one in the classified dept. knew portuguese.

Graham Silliman

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